Qinhuangdao Port Co., Ltd (“QHD Port” or the “Company”, A share stock code: 601326, H share stock code:03369) is a subsidiary of Hebei Port Group Co., Ltd and the largest independent port operator for major dry bulk cargo in the world. QHD Port was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013, and then on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. It is the first state-owned enterprise of the Hebei Province to have a double-capital platform of both A+H shares.

In recent years, QHD Port has played an active role in the “Belt and Road” initiative as well as the coordinated development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The Company kept up interactions between neighboring cities and industry, as well as deepened its strategic partnerships with major clients, planning for the cooperation projects in Tianjin and Hebei ports. The business of the Company covers Qinhuangdao Port, Caofeidian Port of Tangshan and Huanghua Port of Cangzhou. The three major port areas are equipped with modern professional berths designed for coal, general cargo, ores, oil products and containers, and have formed a port logistics chain that includes basic services (such as cargo handling, stockpiling, storage and transportation), freight forwarding agency and multimodal transport.

Qinhuangdao Port, built in 1898 and located in the critical zone in the Northeast China and North China, is an ice-free port given by nature and the first non-treaty port in the north of China. After enduring for more than a hundred years, Qinhuangdao Port has developed into the world's largest public coal terminal and dry bulk shipping port. As a multi-functional integrated international trade port primarily focused on energy output, it is connected with the Datong-Qinhuangdao railway seamlessly and thereby becomes the hub port for energy transportation in China to play an important role as a "coal price stabilizer" and a depot for China’s "Coal Transportation Project from North to South". Tangshan Caofeidian Port is a natural harbor located in the Bohai Gulf. The port’s hinterland covers the important steel, petrochemical and coal industrial bases of China, and is an important ore transit port in the north of the country. Cangzhou Huanghua Port is an important newly-emerged port with a prime location in the southern coastal area of Hebei Province. It is the most economical and convenient port in the Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan region and northwest of China, and is known as "the new Eurasian Bridge Channel".

In the future, QHD Port, which has created the legend lasting for more than one hundred years, will catch up closely with the history window period and strategic opportunities period for its own development, and adhere to the “contribution for the country, development for the enterprise, value for clients and benefits for staff” corporate values for further deepening the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and fully promoting the construction of a intelligent, efficient, safe and green port that provides good service to customers. Moreover, the Company will further adjust port function and cargo structures to stabilize coal supply, enhance ore production and increase oil supply, as well as promote leaping development of the cargo and container businesses. The Company will enhance capital operation and fully exert the effects of the A+H shares double-capital platform, so as to broaden capital channels and enhance the Company's core competitiveness. Furthermore, it will develop its value-added port services, integrate upstream and downstream businesses, further the logistics service system. With efficiency as the core, we will enhance our own profitability and sustainable development capabilities, and strive to become an operator of port industrial cluster with complete governance systems, strong competitive advantages, leading economic benefits, and integrated terminal operations with integrated logistics service providers and capital operators. With high quality development, we will make positive contribution to the construction of a beautiful Hebei province with strong economic growth.

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